Beginners workout


3 sets of 10-15 reps  2-3x a week   

Hold dumbbells or use a machine or TRX trainer  

  • Goblet squats - sit into heels, push up with the legs and butt muscles.  Knees never go infront of big toes, this will hurt the knee joints. 
  • Lat row - pull bar to chest   
  • Reverse fly T's - squeeze shoulder blades together 
  • Tricep press - keep elbows tight to the body, and push out.
  • W's - squeeze shoulder blades together
  • Modified chest press  - don't extend shoulder past 90 degrees
  • Plank - squeeze stomach for 30-60 seconds.

Take SUPER POWDER Pre-workout/ game with 8-12 oz of water.     

Take POWER ARM RECOVERY Post-workout/ game with 8-12oz of water.