My name is Dr. Edward Esposito and I’m a former professional team doctor and have advanced training in rehab, nutrition, posture and scoliosis correction.  I have lectured at national conventions on sports and workplace injury prevention.   In last five years, amateur and pro pitchers are throwing harder BUT there is a SIGNIFICANT spike in Tommy John surgeries.

Pitching is a fast and violent motion and it would be naive of me to say they can totally be avoided.

In fact, 50% of MLB pitchers will be on the disabled list each year. 

Video from the back, front, and both sides can reveal potential mechanical faults stressing the elbow, shoulder and spine.  All the muscle in the world cannot overcome repetitive strain due to faulty mechanics.   

I have been very successful in enhancing performance while LIMITING INJURIES.  

My teachings place an emphasis on body movements when throwing, resulting in less arm stress and more velocity.

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Here is some helpful information

Decreased shoulder internal rotation predisposes a pitcher to 2x the risk for injury.

Lack of internal hip rotation and early thoracic rotation puts more stress on the shoulder and elbow. 

Chronic forearm tightness and pain is a RED flag for increased likely hood for a UCL tear or growth plate fracture (under 18)

Weak scapula muscles?

Squeeze shoulder blades together and hold for 15 seconds.     Inability indicates weakness making you prone to injury.

Faulty spinal alignment? 

Pitchers do have more muscle on the throwing side but there limits.  A structurally sound spine will help you achieve optimal movements while pitching.

Muscle loss in-season makes you prone to injury.  Eat more carbs and protein on the days you play.  Athletes need more nutrients for fuel and my natural, stacked products will help you recharge.  Take Super Powder and Power Arm Recovery.

The Pitching Doctor Program

 A thorough biomechanical exam:

•Neck flexibility  

•Hip internal tightness/ strength 

•Leg strength and symmetry  

•Shoulder tightness/ strength  

•Elbow ligament stress tests and strength.  

•Core strength 

•Spinal alignment 

•Video review of mechanics to ensure SAFETY 

•Pitchers in and offseason conditioning routine  

•Sports nutrition   

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My son gets to 92 mph while limiting injuries

Outside the area      Video analysis and phone consult $199  Send a short pitching clip from front, back and both side views.  Send current workout, supplement and eating routine. Recommendations and plan will be put in place.  

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