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A crooked spine will make muscles fatigue quickly, diminish performance and make one prone to injuries. A spine shifted to the left will cause more tension on the left hip, left knee, and left foot making one inefficient. One-sided athletes or workers like pitchers, golfers, tennis players, etc... Require frequent alignments and sport specific strengthening programs.  

My office is staffed with highly trained Chiropractors and physical therapists to keep you on the field or free of pain. 

Get chiropractic adjustments the day after a pitched game, intense leg day or hard day at work. 

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Gym Workout

Take before a game or the workout below:  Take one scoop or heaping tablespoon of Super Powder 8-12 ounces of juice, water, or your favorite milk (cows, chocolate, almond or flaxseed)  

Working the large muscle groups using the compound moves will build more muscle, burn more fat and correct poor posture.   

Warm-up with bike, treadmill, elliptical 5 minutes or Warm-up with: • 1-2 sets of 30 second of jumping jacks 

• 1-2 sets of 30 second of mountain climbers     

2x a week, 2 sets of 10-15 reps 

• Deadlift, Goblet squat, Lunges, Side lunge • Dumbbell row, Modified chest press or do scapular push-ups  

• Ab sit-ups or double leg lifts  • Supermans or lying hip raises Total of 14 sets   

(When you start, only do 1 set of each exercise, 8 sets for first 1-2 weeks, then progress to 2 sets of each exercise equaling 16 sets).