Train Lift GROW

Athletes burn more fuel and need more calories to build muscle and to recover.     

Parents always ask me “Why do young athletes need 3-4k calories a day, won’t they get fat?    

1. They have a high metabolism   

2. They need nutrients to grow bones    

3. They need nutrients to build muscle    

4. They need nutrients to repair muscle    

5. They are more active and burn more fuel  

 6. Won’t have ENERGY or FOCUS unless they eat more and supplement      

Make it simple:


5 cups of whole grain per day (any combo)       

▪ 2 cups of oatmeal or cereal   

▪ 3 cups of pasta, rice or sweet potato   

▪ 1-2 servings of banana or pineapple, mango, berries, any fruit   

▪ 2-4 servings of sautéed vegetables and salad   


▪ 3-5 servings of chicken breast or steak or fish or lamb, bison   

▪ 2-5 eggs or Greek yogurt   


▪ avocado   

▪ nuts   

Eat more the day you train or play, eat less when you don't. (same principles apply for adults except most do the opposite).  

Supplement with Super Powder, Power Arm Recovery and Proformance greens.           

Final thoughts:   In 21 years as a team doctor I've realized the common characteristics of College and Pro prospects include:   

1. Train with a strength, fielding, hitting and pitching coach   

2. Study video and are self-critical   

3. Practice, Lift and Eat consistently   

4. Read or study 30-60 minutes a day    


For Athletes looking to gain mass or to maintain it.  

1.Super Powder: pre-game/lift  

2.Super Powder: before bed as a shake 

3.Power Arm recovery: post-game/lift

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Pitchers routine

After you pitch in a game   

Run and Sprint   Shoulder routine      

Day after you throw   

1x a week  2 sets of 10  Deadlifts  Goblet squats   Lunges         

Day 2   Catch   Shoulder routine   3 sets - palms facing   Chest press   Lat rows   Triceps   Biceps   1-2 sets of Wrist eccentric      

Day 3   Plyometics     

30 seconds of  •Jumping jacks •Planks  •Mountain climbers   Rest 60 seconds and repeat 1x     

30 seconds of  •Butt kicks  •Supermans  •Spider lunges  Rest 60 seconds and repeat 1x.   

30 seconds of •Heidens  •Sit ups  •Tuck jump Rest 60 seconds and repeat 1x. Total time is approximately 15 minutes        

Load and swing,  Turn upper and throw with rope trainer,  Pull downs with rope trainer,  Pitch from windup and throw  


Day 4   Bullpen   Shoulder routine      

Day 5   Rest      

Day 6  Pitch again         

Super Powder with 8-12 oz of water or milk before you train.   

Power Arm Recovery with 8-12 oz of water or milk before you train.  

Fish oil 4-8 pills a day   Arnica cream 3x a day   morning afternoon and before bed