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Dr. Edward Esposito has been a chiropractic practitioner for 22 years.  He is a husband, father of five boys, and a cancer survivor.

Facing his own personal health crisis head on while treating hundreds of patients with varying degrees of challenges for over two decades, Dr. Ed was forced to become an outside-the-box thinker in order to heal himself and others.

He takes a holistic approach in providing healthcare.  He performs and extensive patient evaluation that will identify any mechanical, postural, spinal, flexibility, strength, nutritional, environmental, genetic or anatomical deficiency.  This comprehensive analysis enables him to achieve dramatic results with many of his patients in months, sometimes weeks - not years!

He enjoys weight lifting and high intensity training, watching baseball, spending time with his family, friends and helping others.

  • Certified in Cox technique to treat spinal stenosis and disc disorders by dropping inter-discal pressure.
  • Certified medical examiner
  • Certified in manipulation under anesthesia
  • Former professional baseball team chiropractor. 
  • Licensed Chirothin weight loss practitioner 

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