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Get your daily nutrients all in one scoop. Stop buying Vit D3, Multivitamins pills that are harder to digest versus our fast-acting, GREAT tasting powder.  Our all-in-one formula, SUPER POWDER: •Whey isolate, concentrate, pea isolate, milk concentrate protein, BCAA •Vitamin D3, Vit A-E •Wheatgrass, spinach, dandelion, alfalfa, and kale leaf •Flax seed powder •Digestive enzymes and more...  Most competing brands are JUST PROTEIN and don't add in the vital synergistic nutrients. In fact, if you bought these items separately it would cost an additional $60-100 more a month. 

Physician formulated with digestive enzymes to prevent clumping and to ensure absorption. Add one scoop to 12oz of water, juice.  Mix with milk or almond milk and it tastes like a diner milkshake.  NO sucralose or artificial sweeteners. NO GMO or gluten.  Processed foods and nutrient-depleted vegetables, a by-product of soil over-tilling, rob our bodies of energy and VITALITY.  Super Powder puts back what's missing in our foods and diet.

Who needs it? Athletes because they burn more fuel and NEED more nutrients. Take pregame or workout and have more natural energy and strength to crush the competition. Kid safe for all ages.  

Are you an adult looking to trim body fat? More nutrients will diminish food cravings and make you HEALTHIER.  Patients report lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, less body fat and joint pain. 


ALL ATHLETES can perform better with more muscle, strength and endurance!

Adults: Use as a meal replacement to cut calories or take before breakfast to curb appetite ALL DAY. 

30 servings per container. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Proven RESULTS! Order RISK-FREE

All Proxformulas products are physician formulated by a former PRO team doctor and father to five boys. You never have to worry again if the products your family are taking are safe. Third party tested to ensure safety. Shop below


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Why do Athletes need more nutrients?  They burn more calories and need protein and nutrients to recover muscles and to prevent muscle breakdown (gluconeogenesis).   Otherwise, they will be prone to weakness and injuries as the season or training progresses.     

Which nutrients do athletes need? Research has shown most athletes are deficient in the following:  •Protein to build and repair muscle  •Vit D3 to build strong bones, energy and immunity   •Flax seed powder for brain focus and joint health   •Greens to buffer lactic acid and help meet the RDA nutrient requirements   •Digestive enzymes to ensure fast and safe delivery into cells and organs   That’s why Super Powder was physician formulated, to deliver a powerful, safe punch of vital nutrients for adults and kids every day.     •Take before a workout with 8-12 oz of water, juice or milk.  •Take for more energy and focus anytime    Athlete Meal plan click here     

Want to lose fat or weight?  •Take one scoop in the morning with 8-12 oz of water, juice or milk.  •Use as a meal replacement shake with one scoop, 8-12 oz of water or milk, handful of nuts, banana or berries  Weight Loss Plan  click here     

Why are artificial sweeteners bad? They contain chlorine and other cancer causing agents that are a toxic burden on the body.  

Our products are naturally flavored with monk fruit, stevia and real vanilla and chocolate flavorings. It tastes great, NATURALLY  

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Weight loss: Using Super Powder as a meal replacement will help stabilize blood sugar and curb appetite. Many of my diabetic patients report improved blood sugar levels. Having less food cravings results in less calories consumed per day and lost weight. Great for adults.     

Weight gain:  Super Powder before a game / workout will help protein synthesis and prevent muscle breakdown. In addition, consume it before bed with a shake to increase your daily caloric intake for weight gain. Great for growing kids and athletes to enhance performance NATURALLY!  Never use as a meal replacement if your trying to gain mass.                


This is a common question I get from concerned parents and athletes. Research shows that most growing kids and athletes consume too LITTLE protein.  Just look at food labels and you will quickly realize most foods are CARB DOMINATE and contain very little protein. (Also lacking are the nutrients found in Super Powder and Power Arm Recovery). 

A 150 pound athlete needs to consume at least 90-110 grams of protein per day to grow and repair muscles.  

SAFETY CONCERNS: A recent study revealed diabetic and obese patients on a 43% protein intake diet showed: 

  1. excellent muscle and strength gains 
  2. improved blood sugar levels 
  3. weight loss (combined with calorie restriction and strength training) get my workout FREE with any purchase. 
  4. NO NEGATIVE EFFECTS IN KIDNEY BLOOD VALUES for this high risk group for kidney disease.

Finally, supplementation is vital for peak athletic performance and overall fitness. Super Powder is much more affordable, better tasting, stacked with nutrients, and NATURAL versus shakeology, isagenix, herbalife, slim fast, ensure, pure protein, shaklee, advocare, body by vi, axe nutrition, and more...Dr. E

Free of Sucralose, Artificial Ingredients, Gluten and GMO's.

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